As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to shape our new normal, many companies are contemplating making a permanent shift to a virtual workplace. Here are some useful considerations on how to make this transition a successful one.

  • Social Isolation – It goes without saying that interactions in the office kitchen or around the watercooler create a sense of camaraderie. Make sure to create a structured way for employees to have social interactions with each other.
  • Keep everyone engaged – Emails and other written forms of communication may be easily ignored or missed by employees. Video conference calls may help keep everyone in the loop and engaged when information is being shared.
  • Work schedules – When an entire workforce is working from home, it is difficult for an employer to ascertain who is working what hours. Under and over working can both become problems. Enforcing a standard work schedule is advisable to ensure that employees are aware of the Company’s expectations.
  • Confidentiality – Meaningful consideration should be given to how employees can protect confidential information when working from home.
  • Policies – Workplace policies should be tailored for a virtual environment. Employees should have a clear understanding of how the Company’s policies apply to them at home.

The decision to ‘go virtual’ on a permanent basis should be a thoughtful one. If you would like to discuss how your organization can make this change successfully from a human resources perspective, please contact an Advisor at e2r®.