Litigation Solutions

The litigation team is a core component of our firm. Each of the partners in the litigation team has extensive experience in the practice in Ontario, gained at well-known, large firms and through their time at our firm. This experience and knowledge is put to good use in the provision of litigation and dispute resolution advice to clients in a broad range of industries, without the accompanying overhead and expenses that are attached to such advice at larger firms.

Our practice includes the areas of contractual and commercial disputes, shareholder and owner/operator issues, litigation stemming from the purchase and sale of businesses, employment litigation, estate litigation, advising landlords and property owners, injunctions, secured transaction disputes, bankruptcy and insolvency issues, franchise disputes, and corporate restructurings, and includes mediation, arbitration, trial and appellate appearances at all levels of the Ontario court system.

Perhaps unlike other firms, we recognize that the litigation practice begins with the provision of advice on avoiding disputes in the first place, at the time of contract finalization, or the beginning of any business relationship. We provide advice and solutions on disputes that do occur, through the use of litigation or arbitration procedures, when settlement or other dispute resolution mechanisms are not possible or appropriate. We represent clients of differing sizes in differing industries, from small early stage corporations in emerging industries, to large, established firms in mature industries. Given the size of our firm we are able to provide timely, appropriate litigation advice to these clients without conflict with major financial or other large institutional organizations.

The principals of our litigation team are:

Christopher J. Cosgriffe
Jamie VanWiechen