Our Offices

Our offices are located at 70 The Esplanade in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Heritage Conservation District.  70 The Esplanade is part of the former Greey’s Toronto Mill Furnishing Works Factory along with  56 The Esplanade and 8 Church Street.  Originally built in the early 1880s by the Wm. and J. G. Greey Company to house its flour mill manufacturing operations, 70 The Esplanade is now one of the last and best remaining examples in Toronto of a well-designed 19th century factory complex.  WVCD has occupied offices in the former Greey’s Factory complex since 1992.  In 2006, 70 The Esplanade was designated by the City of Toronto as being of cultural value because of its “architectural and contextual significance”.  Once located on Toronto’s waterfront, the building has witnessed the substantial development of its surroundings including the construction of the present Union Station, the Royal York Hotel, the Sony Centre, all of the office towers on Bay St., King St., Yonge St.,  and Front St. plus the expansion of Toronto south to present day Queen’s Quay. Our modern, open office space reflects the culture at WVCD.  The office has been designed to provide our clients with all the services they expect in the 21st century while maximizing and taking advantage of the significant architectural features and cultural significance of 70 The Esplanade.