With December quickly approaching, company holiday parties are right around the corner. Here is a list of DO’S and DON’TS to help ensure that your company ends up on Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year!

DO restrict alcohol consumption
If you plan on serving alcohol at the Company holiday party, it is important to implement measures to limit alcohol consumption. This will also limit your company’s exposure to legal liability! Legal issues relating to sexual harassment, driving under the influence, and physical injuries may arise when employees consume excessive alcohol. Consider offering drink tickets to control the volume of alcohol consumed per person.

DON’T let your party focus on one holiday over another
Your workforce is multicultural, therefore your holiday party should be too! Holiday parties should be inclusive of all beliefs, religions and cultures. Not only will this make employees feel welcome, it will also help avoid possible claims of religious discrimination.

DO provide employees with a ride home
Whether it’s Company-paid taxi chits, organizing carpools, or ensuring that taxis are readily available at the holiday party location, it is important to make sure that your employees do not drink and drive.

DON’T make the party mandatory
If your holiday party is mandatory, you expose the Company to possible claims for wages regarding working hours! Don’t force employees to do something they don’t want to do… especially when the goal is fun and enjoyment.

These DO’S and DON’TS are just a few recommendations on how to avoid some major legal blunders this holiday season. For more in-depth information regarding holiday parties, please speak to an Advisor at e2r®.