COVID-19 Leave – Attention Ontario Employers!

Ontario has introduced Bill 186, the Employment Standards Amendment Act (Infectious Disease Emergencies), 2020, which amends the leaves of absence provisions of the Employment Standards Act, 2000. The new Bill creates a new leave called Emergency Leave: Declared Emergencies and Infectious Disease Emergencies. The leave that is particularly relevant for COVID-19 purposes is the second...

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Alberta Provides COVID-19 Job-Protected Leave

In addition to some corporate tax changes and utility payment deferrals meant to help employers, Alberta has amended its Employment Standards Code to provide employees with a job protected leave related to COVID-19. In particular, full-time and part-time employees will be entitled to 14 days of job protected leave if they are: Required to self-isolate...

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School’s Out!

Now that the schools in Ontario are closed post March Break for two weeks and the likelihood other provinces will adopt a similar approach, employers need to be prepared for innumerable requests from parents to work remotely, reduce working hours, or miss work altogether to permit them to undertake their parenting obligations. Apart from the...

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Coronavirus – Don’t Panic!

By now you’ve probably heard of the Coronavirus – the flu like illness that has rapidly spread across the city of Wuhan, China and has recently made its way to Canada, and around the globe. While health officials in Canada say there’s no reason to be too concerned yet, employers are beginning to wonder what...

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How a teacher’s strike may affect your workplace

The ongoing conflict between the Ontario Government and the union representing Ontario elementary school teachers has resulted in rotating strikes, leaving parents uncertain about how they will meet their childcare responsibilities. The current circumstances raise the question: what is an employer’s obligation to employees whose children cannot attend school due to a strike? One potential...

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Assumptions Can Get Employers Into Trouble!

A recent decision highlights the risks associated with assuming an employee has resigned when they refuse to return to work. In Nagpal v IBM Canada Ltd., Vinay Nagpal, an employee with over 23 years of service, went on a stress related medical leave in 2013. The Company referred Nagpal to Manulife, the administrator of the...

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